Golden Hour Slow Feeder Bowl
Golden Hour Slow Feeder Bowl
Golden Hour Slow Feeder Bowl
Golden Hour Slow Feeder Bowl
Golden Hour Slow Feeder Bowl
Golden Hour Slow Feeder Bowl
Golden Hour Slow Feeder Bowl
Golden Hour Slow Feeder Bowl

Golden Hour Slow Feeder Bowl

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Color Sage

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Elevate your dog's mealtime experience with our slow feeders. Designed to promote healthier, slower eating, these mats bring peace of mind to you and a tranquil belly to your dog. Transform ordinary meals into mindful moments of enrichment and connection.

Product Dimensions: 8"x8"x1.5", making it perfect for big breeds.


-Strong suction cup 

-Food grade silicone

-BPA free

-Freezer friendly

-Microwave safe

-Dishwasher safe 

Rinse: Remove food scraps, place in dishwasher.

Top Rack: Use top dishwasher rack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Heather Greer
The Best Slow Feeder

I was so excited to get this slow feeder! We have always used a slow feeder and needed to switch things up. We can use it just for her kibble or add some fruits and veggies to it! Previously she would get her meal down less than a minute but with this new one it has taken her about 5 min. All the different size areas makes it fun to add various sizes of food in them and that typically is what slows her eating down. I know she is focused when she is laying on her stomach to get blueberries out. One of my favorite features is the suctioning. Other feeders suction so much that when you lift the bowl up the food goes flying out but this one suctions just enough and can easily be picked up while the food stays in its place.

Alexis Shoemaker
Can 6 stars be a choice?

My dog is very picky and is considered underweight right now from how much we struggle on getting him to eat anything.
So far (knocking on wood as i’m saying this) we have been feeding him turkey & white rice and giving it to him in this slow feeder.

As soon as I give it to him EVERY time, he is soo excited to get it and actually starts eating! Sometimes I even get to fill it up twice and that makes me so happy!
& Sometimes I even fill it up with things just as a snack if he’s not feeling too hungry!
I’ve tried to give him that food in his regular stainless steal bowl, and he just turns away. I’ve tried in a glass bowl, plate, and nope- won’t eat it. I’m thinking maybe he likes the idea of working for it, or that he has to think about how get can get it out of the small places.
And not to mention, my dog is also a golden (how did I forgot to say that?) so a golden slow feeder is perfect! Plus, the food always looks so pretty when it’s in there, and the colors that are offered are so cute!
We currently own 2 other slow feeders but since we got the golden one, it has been the main one we use :)
Anyways, I recommend this slow feeder to anyone who owns a garbage disposal or, AKA a Golden Retriever haha. Orrrr, any breed in general!!!
You can also use this feeder as a lick mat too, because it has a suction cup at the bottom so you can stick it anywhere. Freeze something inside and stick it to the wall for nail trims or stick it to the bathtub during bath time. Would definitely be a perfect distraction/relaxer for pups who aren’t a big fan of fireworks tomorrow ):

Emily Demsey
Golden Feeder

This feeder is big enough to hold a whole meal for my golden retriever and is a great way to slow her down while eating. The silicone is easy to clean and suctions to the floor so she doesn’t make a mess. Love it!

Brittany Nycz

I absolutely love this slow feeder! It also has a giant suction on the bottom so it won’t move.

Marilize Cornwell

This bowl is the perfect size, easy to clean, and overall amazing! You can use it as a lickmat, or freeze their meals in it! The best part is that it holds enough food + some space which has been hard to find with other slow feeders sold. I absolutely recommend trying this, you will not be disappointed!